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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Finally done!!

If any of you have been in the shop in the last couple weeks, then you know I have been a little stressed out getting ready for today. I decorated a Christmas tree for the Festival of the Trees this year. The coordinator asked me to make it a scrapbooking tree so I crafted all of the ornaments from paper, chipboard, rub-ons and felt. I am so happy it is finally done!!

Tonight was the opening night party and all of the trees are very beautiful, they really put you in the holiday spirit.

Be sure to stop up at the Courtyard Marriot Wednesday through Sunday to see the beautiful trees all decorated by local designers. The Festival benefits the St. Vincent Cancer Research Center.


Amy said...

That's beautiful, Mary Jo! You put a lot of work into it for sure!

Toni said...

Just gorgeous. Now that I have found your blog again through Erie Blogs I've got you bookmarked and will have to come by your shop sometime soon.

Paula said...

Mary Jo: The tree is absolutely gorgeous. I can't imagine how much time it took you. I wish I had your creativity! Please come do my tree!

positively lisa said...

It is gorgeous MaryJo!! you should be proud! I know it is another reason for me to brag about my favorite scrapbook store!! Hope you have a great holiday!

Anonymous said...

You did an absolutely beautiful job on the tree, MaryJo. Be proud of yourself :)

Kelly said...

Nice job!! Looks really pretty!

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