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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Comfy chair...

Sometimes you just need a comfy chair!
I had some new Memory Box stamps in recently and just loved this chair because it could be used for many different occasions.
I used the masking technique to get the print on the chair cushions and tied the white satin ribbon as an accent.

To mask you need to stamp your image on the paper. Then cut very closely on the black line, cutting off the legs and coffee cup. Just glue down on to your image stamped on white paper, it should look almost unnoticable that you stamped it on an extra piece of paper.


Anonymous said...

Hi MaryJo!
Thanks for the invitation to stop by!
Gosh, I didn't know Memory Box did a chair stamp. Really like what you have done with it.

Hope you had a nice weekend,
Paper Crafts Go-to-Gal

Christiana said...

Cute card! I noticed that stamp in your shop the other day and really loved it. Thanks for the technique tip!

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