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Monday, December 12, 2016

Free Card Week #1 (Dec. 2016)

Stop in this week for a free card kit.

Get this Christmas tri-fold card free with any purchase of at least $10
during the week of 
Wednesday, Dec. 14th - Saturday, Dec. 17th.

This tri-fold card has shiny gold accents and gold embossed lettering.
The pieces are all cut, you just need to assemble at home.

I only have 25 of this card, if I run out then the card below will 
be given out in it's place.

This Santa girl is on red shimmer and shiny silver cardstock.
All you need to do is color her and add some glitter on her hat and star.

*Payment of class fees is excluded for free card.

No time to design your own cards?
I have plenty of card kits all stamped and cut.

 The kits are $2.00 per card and $3.00 for the snowman shaker.

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