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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mini Tins are back in stock!

Just in time for Valentine's Day treats...

If you need just a "little something" to give your kid's teachers, coworkers, friends, etc. then these small tins are perfect. I sold out of the mini tins and the nugget style tins at Christmas but they are back in stock now for Valentine's Day.

I filled mine with pink and red peanut M&M's, but you could use any kind of cute candy. Hershey Kisses, red cinnamon hearts, conversation hearts, or anything you can think of.


Michelle said...

You just reminded me I bought some of those last year before Xmas, meaning to use them for teacher gifts, but they came after the holiday & I never thought to use them for anything else, lol!! I'll have to dig those out.....yours are so cute!!

Laura said...

These are so cute....and I know I bought some of these little tins! I'll have to go searching this weekend to find them! Great job!!

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